Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a completely well-done custom suit?

It would take around 10 to 15 days only for any custom suit, we guaranty shortest time processing for the service.

How should i get my measurement?

You should make an appointment to see our professional tailors. It properly appropriates for you to be advised by our team. Besides that, we can do the perfectly measurement for you.

How i can make sure that the suit is 100% fit me?

Based on the measurement took in the first place, we do pretty sure the suit will be fit. Furthermore, ours process including a final step which is fitting. At this stage, we do try-on and if the satisfaction have not met, there will be a little bit more adjustment straight away.

What exactly happens after Booking?

After placing an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email, plus your booking is ready for measurement, you can get to the store every time following our business time. Beside that, we will be in-touch will you for latest fashion news and our front-line product.

What is the price-based for the services?

Our price is super competitive in the market, guaranty fit all the budgeter looking for custom suit.