Business suit

Suit is no longer foreign from Business dressing, a completely clean perfect fit suit would be a really good idea for meeting, networking… At Mon Amie, we provide custom suit service and guaranty 100% fit and pleasure every client.

Wedding suit and tuxedo

For formal event such as Wedding, Prom or any formal Festival, an elegant and fresh choice is required. Mon Amie found that these are the most important days with most of our clients, so we are always keep advising our to help them picking their best appearance.

Casual dressing

For usual wearing or any non-important and relaxing event. Casual Suit, Blazer or Sport Jacket is just an enough option for anyone who feels weird wearing a completely suit, knowing that will be a problem for them, so we also do custom Casual Suit, custom Blazer and custom Sport Jacket

just only for you

We also do custom for any style, colour of suit, blazer and sport jacket. Let us know if there is any inquires.